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Buying property in Turkey

| 23/03/2013

As of today you can access thousands of web sites mentioning the steps of buying property in Turkey. Most of these web sites are designed for foreign buyers and provide a list of things to do before the purchase and after the purchase. One of the most interesting items on a checklist for property purchase is military zone clearance check. It is indeed less interesting than the English coal mine check necessity.

However it still a different issue. In no country are people allowed to reside close to a military base. This is the nature of the thing and totally understandable. However in Turkey the matter is slightly different. Due to the long military history of Turks and the deserved importance given to the military in Turkey this issue is always emphasized.

Foreign nationals and foreign commercial companies are not allowed to buy property in military, strategic and security zones of Turkey. On top of these limitations foreign nationals and foreign commercial companies are not be able to buy property in preservation zones.

Preservation zones are different than military zones. The Council of Ministers holds an authorization to appoint further specific zones for protecting strategically important locations in terms of national security, energy, history, agriculture, mining, cultural sites and biological flora. The military, strategic and security zones in Turkey are located in areas where people aren’t necessarily looking to obtain land.

We fully respect those zones and it is likely no foreign buyer would be interested living next door to a military base. Once you decide to buy a property the title deed office will check if the property that is being purchased is in one of the forbidden zones or not.

The major concern is that no one knows for sure whether the location of their land is in one of these zones, not until an official application to the land registry office is made.

Then the land registry office contacts the military and asks whether this property falls into the military security zone or not. However, this process is not as fast as you reading these two lines of information. Depending on the business of the related departments this could take from 45 days to 3-4 months to get a response.

Following the application the military response arrives. If the property is not in the limited zones than you can proceed and buy your property freely. The funniest thing is this: imagine that your next door neighbor is English and he already bought his property after a military check.

This does not give you an automatic clearance and you have to wait for this process to be completed for the next flat. Wouldn’t it be so easy to have a database to make the process faster?

Berk Cektir The information provided here is intended to give basic legal information. You should get legal assistance from a licensed attorney at law while conducting legal transactions and not just rely on the information in this corner.

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